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Wing N Fin’s Annual May

Armed Forces Appreciation Weekend

(A No-Cost Veterans Event)




















 How this event began:  


Note from Joanne Zacharias, SOE Coordinator:  SOE's Heroes on the Water Event for 2013 was hosted at Wing N Fin Resort on Beautiful Lake Traverse. Wing N Fin is owned by Todd and  Ellen Johnson and they welcomed us with open arms. The veterans arrived Thursday with big smiles on their faces! Each veteran was given a blue t-shirt as they checked in and then given a tour of the resort as well as where they would be staying. They got settled in and were eager to go fishing. We had Simply Outdoor Experiences Pro-Staff members and volunteers ready with their boats in the water to take the Veterans out as they arrived. The fishing was amazing and walleyes were caught by all!


We started the evening with a warm welcome given by Executive Director, Woody Sankey, followed by a few words from our Event Coordinator Joanne Zacharias. Todd Johnson had dinner ready which he picked up in town from a local cafe and everyone enjoyed their meal. We sat by the fire and one of the veterans, Andrew Meyer, brought along his guitar and sang some songs for us. We couldn't have asked for a better evening. The veterans picked their fishing guides and made plans for the following morning. When morning came, we had a great breakfast and everyone went fishing. The weather was great all four days and so was the fishing. We took lots of pictures and enjoyed everyone's company.


Each of these veterans had a story to tell. What they had been through, what they had seen, and what they had learned. We were there with our ears open ready to listen. We learned so much from these amazing people and we made some pretty amazing memories of our own. Now we can tell our stories and now they involve these heroic veterans. We had a special flag raising ceremony and a man named Jim Jung brought his bugle and played a song for each branch of the military. He also played the Star Spangled Banner and there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd.


Our Heroes on the Water Event was a complete success and many hearts were touched while memories were being made. Simply Outdoor Experiences would like to thank everyone who helped make this event a success. Without the support of people like you, we could not do what we do best!!


Simply Outdoor Experiences 


On behalf of Wing N Fin Resort to SOE,  Eternal THANKS for making good things happen!



Armed Forces Appreciation Weekend since 2013!

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Meet our Sponsors!

Thank you for your support of Wing N Fin's Armed Forces Appreciation Weekend (WNF-AFAW) held annually each May. As a result of your continued support, Veteran guests of Wing N Fin will once again enjoy a no-cost vacation on the weekend dedicated to recognize and thank them for their service.


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